Based on the company motto “EX ORIENTE LUX. EX OCCIDENTE LEX”, the mission is to support both Western European as well as Romanian companies by offering them strategic interdisciplinary and intercultural consultancy, expertise, so that they can really come together across borders.

Our mission is the establishment of long-term strategic business, academic and political relationships between Romania and Western Europe.

This company is a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Bonn.


The Diplomatic Economist Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales under no. 06262253. It has an operational branch in Germany and was founded under the name Consult Muresan in March 2002 and renamed in the current name in August 2008. It stands for multilateral economic, political and academic partnership between businesses, universities and political parties from the East and West of Europe. A second location has been developed in Bucharest from where we can offer interested German and Western European businesses partnerships with Romanian companies.